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Single Head Aluminum Window Miter Saw

Thanks to our expertise accumulated over the years, we enable ourselves to bring forth the supreme quality in the form of Single Head Aluminum Window Miter Saw. We, as a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, deliver immaculate quality to our customers. We make use of high grade raw material to ensure excellent quality and corrosion resistance. The lightweight saw is widely applied in a number of industries. Get in touch to avail highly competitive prices.

Description :

  • Double Miter Saw System with CNC Control of cut length, miter angles and auto feed.
  • Cutting extrusions and PVC, curtain wall and other high and low volume production

Introduction : Miter Saws work equipment used for cutting. Miter saws are very important for various types of carpentry work. They are used to create the perfect piece to form the elbow and the side frame. Basic miter saw that has a limited capacity cuts. Miter saws that have different types to provide the most versatile cutting options. But, from various types of miter saw, double miter saw is the most applications.
Why should you choose miter double saw?

  • Double miter saw technology uses two saw blades that provide two complementary bevel miter cuts without resetting the head. This feature will obviously vary depending on manufacturer but usually double miter saws provide such benefits as follows:
  • Enable the production of continuous production and repetitive high volume
  • Provide minute variations in the cutting
  • May calibrated scales and fences
  • Hold the tweezers,
  • Dust filters, connection port or an internal system to collect dust
  • This tool is an integral component of how double miter saw equipment will function, whether built by a machine, you can achieve, as bolster precision, smooth cutting, reducing waste of materials, the ability to cut wood, plastic, and various metals. In addition to providing manufacturers may:
  • Improved features include semi-automatic
  • Locking Security
  • Front service access for maintenance and easy changeovers
  • This Advantage of double miter saw products. You can compare that with another type miter saws. Do not hesitate, to purchase this product, because it will help facilitate your work

Features :

  • Two heads with cutting angles 90, 45, 67.5 (22.5) degrees are available.
  • Automatic feed and cycle run.
  • Touch screen and NC control system, with high accuracy.
  • Digital display with high positioning accuracy.
  • Cushioned pneumatic clamping by push button.
  • Rack and pinion drive on traveling head with digital positioning.


Model LJXZ-500*4200
Input voltage 230/460V /3/60Hz
Input power 4.4Kw/6.5HP
Air pressure 0.5~0.8MPa/ 120psi
Air consumption 200L/min
Motor rotation speed 3400r/min
Cutting length 400~4200mm
Cutting length tolerance 0.01
Cutting angles 90, 45, 67.5 degrees
Cutting angle tolerance + 1/10 of a degree
Cutting width 10~130mm
Cutting height 10~300mm
Saw feeding speed 0~3m/min=0-120
Saw blade standard 500x4.4x30xZ120
Overall dimensions 5.5x1.7x1.6m

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