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Large Glass Cutting Machine

Harnessing our experience in the industry, we take the responsibility to deliver utmost quality to the customers. As a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, we offer a range of Large Glass Cutting Machine. This range includes different specifications and capacities. Our team of expert professionals keeps quality on the top of our priority list. Such quality is offered at affordable rates. Lay your hands on our glass cutting machine for economical rates.

Introduction - Work flow- After starting the inputting machine, arms automatically suck glass from the shelf. Under sensor controlled, glass automatically finds glass edge in the X and Y directions. After moving glass sheets to designated location, transport glass to the automatic cutting table. Cutter will move to coordinate origin, and automatically start to cut according to the preinstall graph.
The operator can edit the glass size for cutting with computer. The computer can optimize the cutting size, and give out the data for processing.

Features -

  • Bed using thick wall pipe welding and become, the high temperature tempering treatment, ensure that the deformation is small, rigid good, the intensity is big.
  • The X, Y axis adopt reliable motor drive, selected pairing, ensure the smooth movement.
  • Using high precision level gear rack drive, high precision, speed and strength.
  • Adopts imported linear guide square, high precision, long life.
  • Mechanical and electrical full excellent design, selection of all kinds of electrical accessories, the failure rate drop
  • Software compatibility- compatible type3 / Artcam/Castmate/wentai and so on. Many kinds of CAD/CAM design software.
  • Performance worry about- a breakpoint renewal carving, power off recovery, processing time prediction, and other functions, the real human nature design.

Equipment -

  • Equipped with imported cutter wheels and a set of setting tool.
  • A set of stability voltage power supply.
  • A set of best optimized software.
  • A set of computer operating system (including a set of computer and cutting software)

Technical Parameters -

  • The cutting thickness- 2~19mm (the thickness of 2~6mm and 8~19mm are different. The cutter wheels should be replaced and the pressure should be adjustable)
  • The cutting accuracy- Parallelism±0.20mm cater-corner±0.2mm
  • The cutting speed- 0~120m/minute(can be adjustable)
  • The outline size- 4000—3200—1100mm;The tabletop size-2600—2100mm
  • The max cutting size-2440—1830mm
  • Transmission system- The XZ Axis is equipped with Yaskawa JAPAN servo motor made in Japan and THK precision gears.
  • The cutter block- It adopt pneumatic and spring at the same time. the cutter holder can rotate by 360degree, and cut the glass up and down.(It can cut any shape)
  • The oiling supply method- Auto oiling.
  • The transportation device- It adopts Flotation device which makes it convenient to move the sheet glass.
  • The positioning system- Pneumatic positioning system.

Mechanical Parameters -

  • The material of the tabletop- Metal tabletop (deformation will not happen) (The smoothness ±0.2mm/m)
  • Rack/Guides- Imported from Japan and Switzerland.
  • Transmission belt/Transmission belt wheels- Italy.
  • Cutter wheels/cutter holder- BOHLE GEMANY.
  • The tabletop- Industrial blankets imported from Korea (color in black).
  • Turret- It use the pneumatic pressure and the spring pressure at the same time to make the cutting best.

Electrical Parameters -

  • Its operated directly by pc and adopts Microsoft Windows.
  • Voltage- 380v/50Hz. Its equipped with stability voltage device.
  • Motor- Yaskawa servo motor made in Japan (3 sets) and operating card imported from America.

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