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Glass Straight Edging and Polishing Machine

Having received acclamation from all quarters, we, a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, rank among the top names in the industry. Glass Straight Edging and Polishing Machine on offer is available in a wide selection of specifications and sizes. It is manufactured using superior technology and high tech machinery. Our audit team works hard to keep the quality in synchronization with industrial quality standards. Durability, low maintenance and ease of installation make the offer irresistible. Lay your hands on this wonderful quality at nominal rates.

Product Description :

  • ISO standard.
  • 9 spindles.
  • Excellent grinding and polishing effect.
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • E-LD9325 Glass Straight line Edging Machine, is suitable for processing straight-line edging of glasses.
  • Sturdy structure enables 24 hours running without stop.
  • Hundreds of edging machines have been made and our experience on edging would be shared with you without any reservation.


Functions :

  • Processes rectilinear glass plates in various sizes and thicknesses
  • The grinding (roughing), finishing resin and fillets can be performed simultaneously
  • The same thickness as the glass sheet can be continuously processed, so that the machine allows having a larger volume of production lines hardening processes, rolling processes and other processing.
  • Glass type: Float glass for furniture, building, door, windows, home appliances etc


Description -

  • CE approved
  • 9 spindles
  • Easy to adjust the angle of the slope and the thickness of the glass
  • E-LD261 Glass Straight line Beveling Machine, is suitable for processing the bevel Angle and hemline of glass.

Brief introduction -

  • Adopts the design of 2-wheel grinding, 3-wheel accurate grinding, and 3-wheel polishing and 1-wheel hemline repair.
  • CVT adjusts the processing speed.
  • PLC controller if needed.
  • Input and output conveyors adopt timing belt to improve the stability of transmission.
  • The finished edge will be as bright and clear as the glass itself.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • All items have got CE approved, and are strictly according to CE standard.

Technical Parameters -

  • Quantity of motors - 9 sets
  • Minimum grinding size - 25 mm x 25mm
  • Thickness of the processed glass - 4mm - 12mm
  • Grinding speed - 0.4 - 2.5m/min
  • Beveling degree - 0-40°
  • Beveling width - 1.5mm-40mm
  • Power - 19kw
  • Voltage - 380V/50 Hz
  • Weight - 3500 kg
  • Packing size - 3.8m  1.2m  1.5m
  • External dimension (L x W x H) - 7.5m x 1.5m x 2.25m.


Machine characters :

  • Cast steemachine base
  • Single chip controsystem
  • 9 wheels
  • 1 felt polishing wheel, with cerium oxide, pneumatic polishing assistant.
  • Glass thickness, angle adjustment adjusted on contropanel
  • High speed inducing motor. Speed 2480rppm/min.
  • Conveyor chain
  • Stainless steewater tank
  • Aluminum or steeglass support for option

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