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Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

We, as a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, present Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine. Our machine is available in a number of capacities. Its dimensional accuracy and durability set it apart from the rest. On customers request, we make the customized specifications available. Rest assured of quality as we are very selective about the quality of raw material. Our quality checks ensure we leave no stone unturned in getting our valued customers the flawless quality.

Description -

  • Automatic glass cutting production line
  • Thickness- 3-19mm
  • Speed- 50-70/sec (adjustable)
  • Max loading weight- 1000kg
  • Machine power- 10kw/380v
  • Air tolerance- 6kg (dryness and low-pressure air)

Notice -

  • 6 suckers and one suit of tool
  • Foreign hydraulic pressure system and foreign air value pump
  • Low-pressure element made in Germany, PLC made in Japan
  • Pneumatic system made in SMC, Japan
  • Drive motor- shanghai speed-down motor
  • The loading machine running on the track
  • Auto-loading, security
  • The seller answer for debugging and training
  • Buyer must be provide the electrical source and equipment fix help
  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine
  • CNCL-3726Automatic Glass cutting production line

Equipment -

  • Equipped with 6 sets of imported cutter wheels and a set of setting tool.
  • A set of stability voltage power supply.
  • A set of best optimized software.
  • A set of computer operating system (including a set of computer and cutting software)

Technical Parameters -

  • The cutting thickness- 2~19mm (the thickness of 2~6mm and 8~19mm are different. The cutter wheels should be replaced and the pressure should be adjustable)
  • The cutting accuracy- Parallelism-±0.20mm cater-corner-±0.2mm
  • The cutting speed- 0~120m/minute(can be adjustable)
  • The outline size- 4200—3200—1100mm;The tabletop size-3800—2600mm
  • The max cutting size-3660—2440mm
  • Transmission system- The Axis is equipped with Yaskawa servo motor made in Japan and THK precision gears.
  • The cutter block- It adopt pneumatic and spring at the same time. the cutter holder can rotate by 360degree, and cut the glass up and down.(It can cut any shape)
  • The oiling supply method- Auto oiling.
  • The transportation device- It adopts Flotation device which makes it convenient to move the sheet glass.
  • The positioning system- Pneumatic positioning system.

Mechanical Parameters -

  • The material of the tabletop- Metal tabletop(deformation will not happen)(The smoothness ±0.2mm/m)
  • Rack/Guides- Imported from Japan and Switzerland.
  • Transmission belt/Transmission belt wheels- Beriberi in Italy.
  • Cutter wheels/cutter holder- Samsung in Japan.
  • The tabletop- Industrial blankets imported from Korea (color in black).
  • Turret- It use the pneumatic pressure and the spring pressure at the same time to make the cutting best.

Electrical Parameters -

  • Its operated directly by pc and adopts Microsoft Windows.
  • Voltage- 380v/50Hz. Its equipped with stability voltage device.
  • Motor- Yaskawa servo motor made in Japan (3 sets) and operating card imported from America.

Software -

  • Special cutting soft (It can be used under Windows System).
  • There is a graphic library with hundreds of shapes which is convenient for drawing and operating.
  • There is also a set of Auto CAD drawing software.
  • The optimized software can be selected (Enter the size of the sheet glass directly, then it can cut the glass automatically and its not necessary to cut by using CAD drawing).
  • There is a function of auto correcting which can make the cutting accuracy high.
  • There is also a selecting function of cutting path.
  • There is also a function of origin point correcting.
  • Operating Entering- Key board and mouse.

Notice -

  • Auto Glass Loading Machine, Numerical-controlled Cutting Table and Auto Glass Breaking Table comprise the Auto Glass Cutting Processing Line.
  • It can cut the glass of various thickness and shapes.
  • The seller should supply the services of installation, commissioning and training (in china).
  • One year guarantee (Not including the artificial damage), long maintenance.

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