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Butyl Glass Insulating Machine

Being a prominent player in the industry, we take it upon ourselves to meet customers demands with perfection. Continuing in the same vein, we, being a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, present you Butyl Glass Insulating Machine in varied capacities. The fine finish, high quality and long durability make them an interesting proposition. We are thorough when it comes to maintenance of standards of quality. It ensures that our customers get the best quality on offer.

Product Description :

  • The machine is the specialized equipment to apply the hot molten butyl sealant to both sides of the aluminum spacing frame uniformly.
  • The only thing the operator needs to do is to hold the aluminum spacing frame and all the other operations (rolling. transfer. etc.)can be completed automatically as programmed, and hence convenient operation, stable and reliable operation, good effects of sealant extrusion and high production efficiency, it is indispensable to dual seal double-glazing glass manufacturing.
  • Butyl glue is the double glass/insulating glass first layer sealant glue. If you make aluminum slot type insulating glass, you need coat two-layered sealant glue. Here, the Butyl sealant glue is the first layer glue, use the Butyl glue extruder machine coat the glue on the aluminum spacer frame, the aluminum frame spacer with coated Butyl glue will make the double glass stick together tightly.
  • Before you buy the machine, please make sure then tell me your local power supply, then we can make the right according to your true voltage.

Features :

  • Butyl extruder can process frames from 6-19mm width.
  • The feeding nozzle can be positioned to deliver uniform sealing.
  • Pneumatic operation of butyl process is controlled by a PLC that electrically regulates the temperature of the butyl heaters.
  • A timer enables the pre-heating of butyl ahead of the start of operation.
  • The height adjustment is available according to the frame size.
  • The nozzle width shall be controlled by pneumatic and hydraulic parallel method.
  • Conveyor speed can be adjusted with 5 conveyor speed.
  • Possible to control the length of butyl application and monitoring current production quantity on the touch screen.

Technical Parameter

Machine Size 3000(L)x600(W)x950(H)mm
Space Width 6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm,19mm
Minimal Size 250x250mm
Maximal Size 2500x2500mm
Speed 0-25m/min
Butyl Volume 14L
Power Source AC 380V 3ph 50HZ
Total Power 3.75kw
Air Pressure 8mpa

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